We ship all the parcel in 2 days after payment (if the item is available in stock)

Shipping modes :

The parcel is delivered with signature. The parcel is going to be delivered in 1 or 2 days after shipping.

The parcel is delivered sitout signature, no insurance is included if the parcel is broken or lost. The parcel is going to be delivered in 2 days after shipping. If you want your parcel delivered with own signature, there will be some additional costs, so please contact us to evasionsports@orange.fr.

We will forward you an URL link for tracking the parcel online. Shipping is exclusively to European Union. Please contact us for shipping out of UE.No insurance is included in shipping costs. If you prefer add an insurance on your order, feel free to contact us by email.Shipping costs is depending to destination and parcel weight.

If there is any problem when you receive your order, refuse the opened or broken parcel and contact us fastly.